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XTblock ushers in the first limitlessly scalable blockchain and enables decentralised AI

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  • XTblock’s Hyper-Capable Network is designed to solve blockchain’s biggest problems – scalability, speed and latency – through an entirely new approach
  • Incremental scalability and accelerated transaction speeds (tps) are possible to any extent with the addition of the right network infrastructure
  • The network’s ‘time-sharding’ technology also makes it possible for any particular artificial intelligence to collaborate with other AI solutions to grow more holistically
  • Bot programs can compute and perform large and complex tasks simultaneously on the XTblock network
  • XTblock’s novel subscription model will democratise access to the network by making it affordable to developers as well as enterprises of all sizes

World’s first limitlessly scalable blockchain

Designed to deliver a high-performance, massively scalable blockchain, XTblock’s Hyper-Capable Network aims to remove the biggest barriers to blockchain adoption – namely low speed, limited scalability and high latency.

The network was developed to be able to scale from hundreds of transactions per second (TPS) to tens of thousands of TPS – and even beyond, depending on the network infrastructure that is available or incrementally accessible. In other words, this will be the world’s first blockchain that can scale to an ‘uncapped’ degree.

Beyond blockchain – Powerful AI and bot computing

The ‘hyper-capability’ of the network originates from its unique time-sharding architecture, a stress-tested innovation that also enables the decentralisation of artificial intelligence computing, and levels the playing field for AI development. Needing tremendous computational power and storage infrastructure, AI development requires very significant CapEx and OpEx, and this has therefore been affordable only to very large firms until now. XTblock aims to change this by allowing developers as well as enterprises of all sizes affordable access to its powerful decentralised network.

Attesting to its versatility, the network will also support bot computing, variably with or without AI solutions, and XTblock envisions the advent of a new ‘dBot economy’ in the near future, propelled by the network.

Speaking about the past and the future simultaneously, Anh Le, XTblock’s Founder & Core Tech CTO, said: “It’s a matter of personal pride for us that we have come so far in under four years, being largely self-funded and now successfully raising over $600,000 in a matter of days through a strong community of believers, before our official IDO was launched. We really can’t wait to show every industry – and the world – what our tech is actually capable of.”

Limitless possibilities

XTblock’s immediate use cases under development, according to an ambitious roadmap, include decentralised live video streaming; DeFi innovations such as decentralised market analysis and trading bots, as well as a farming site launching imminently; scientific showcases such as decentralised AI Chess and Gomoku, as well as other initiatives. Such commercial and scientific use cases demonstrate the unprecedented capabilities of the network, while doubling as services, revenue streams and licensing opportunities in themselves.

The first demonstrations of the decentralised live streaming and trading bot, as well as the launch of the network’s testnet, are due to take place in Q4 of 2021. Several other innovations are scheduled over the foreseeable future.

Providing an insight into XTblock’s strategy in this regard, Leonard Rego, Co-founder & COO, shared: “If you take our trading bot as an example, the fact that it is decentralised means it can run on your own device and your credentials and configurations are stored right there – and that means keeping your trading strategies private as well. Access to subsequent, significantly more intelligent versions of the bot architected and trained via our Hyper-Capable Network will require incremental upgrades paid for with our tokens. All of this is intended to have a positive impact on the token value as well, and the strategy will extend to our other services, too. Coupled with a limited token circulation, we are optimistic of being able to generate increasing demand for our cryptocurrency as its utility continues to expand.”

Notably, XTblock’s IDO is the first to feature an ingenious pool-balancing bot developed by its team. The bot’s function is to stabilise the price of its token XTT-b20 at 0.51 BUSD on PancakeSwap by balancing the liquidity pools, for a period of 4 weeks starting September 15, 2021. The IDO has a soft cap of $1.5 million with over $600k raised prior to the IDO launch.

Fuelling the ecosystem

XTT will be a protocol and utility token on the mainnet scheduled for Q2 2022, and in the future will grant users access to XTblock’s services and products. It will also be used for staking to qualify as a network node, and for settling network and storage fees. Governance-wise, XTT will provide voting rights on protocol upgrades, roadmap adjustments and other aspects. Within DeFi, XTT will be used for swapping, staking, farming, lending, and more.


XTblock has been incubated by the Singapore Management University (SMU) Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (IIE)’s incubation programme, B.I.G. – the Business Innovations Generator. Singapore Management University (SMU) is one of Asia’s most prominent universities, and was launched in collaboration with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.