General FAQs

XTblock is a high-performance blockchain platform that is designed to remove the biggest barriers to mass blockchain adoption. It is a big leap forward for blockchain technology and a powerful enabler of Decentralised Bot Computing and Decentralised Artificial Intelligence.

Mainstream blockchain adoption is low due to various factors, but we will mention two big ones in a nutshell:

Performance: Current blockchains are limited in terms of performance and not easily scalable to meet the needs of developers or enterprises.

High cost related to: Development of decentralised applications (dApps); hiring systems administrators; CapEx for expensive network infrastructure.

Importantly, we are also powerfully enabling Distributed Bot Computing and Distributed AI Computing. 

Low cost:

Our unique subscription model utilises network infrastructure from various partners. These subscriptions make access to our blockchain network very affordable. Moreover, our Platform Terminal removes the need for an expensive system administrator or team.


XTblock’s scalability, speed and low latency give it an unfair advantage. Thanks to its supercomputer architecture, developers and enterprises can simply subscribe for higher speeds (transactions per second or TPS), or drop to lower speeds, with only a few clicks in our Platform Terminal app – without the need to configure the entire network.


Quick, simple, fast:

The Platform Terminal app does away with the need for complex network configuration as seen with other platforms; DApp developers will want to (and love to) use it, because it makes editing easier, simpler and faster – a big difference from what they are currently used to.


Decentralised Bot Computing:

We are also focused on empowering specialised bots by allowing them to access the massive computational capabilities of our blockchain network.

XTblock will enable bots to compute with large data volumes by leveraging its considerable computing power using, potentially, hundreds or thousands of nodes on the decentralised network. This will allow the bots to execute even complex tasks in parallel, and in a timely manner.

This also applies to blockchain oracles, which will be able to take both on-chain and off-chain information to process it on XTblock.


Decentralised AI Computing:

Today, blockchain infrastructure is huge and uses high-performance computers (CPU/ GPU/ RAM/ Storage/ Network) which are also good for algebraic calculations and fit for computing requirements for AI; however, existing blockchain implementations only use blockchain nodes and networks for the simple purpose of block verification.

XTblock’s core premise is that the same architecture, miners and infrastructure can be used for AI computing services, like distributed problem solving (DPS), federated training and distributed functioning. This is called Distributed Artificial Intelligence or dAI for short.

So, rather than use blockchain nodes and networks for the simple purpose of block verification, which is a colossal waste of computing power, we present cutting-edge possibilities in AI through the creation of a new type of distributed architecture that runs on our blockchain network. It is the intersection of two technologies that are individually revolutionary, but which can change the course of business, industry and the world at large.

By solving the problems of scalability and performance, XTblock aims to realise this vision for Distributed Artificial Intelligence in a manner that is truly viable.

Anh Le, Founder and CTO – Core Tech

Anh possesses extensive experience as a technology advisor and independently contracted CTO over 15 years, across numerous complex software-based systems. His unique ability lies in being able to design entirely new Blockchain based system architectures and algorithms. Anh has conducted extensive research across Blockchain and AI, and devised the revolutionary concept of Time Sharding. Anh’s vision is to decentralise AI and revolutionise Blockchain architecture to significantly increase its speed and scalability, remove barriers to blockchain adoption, and help to create a bold new decentralised Bot and AI computing economy.


Leonard Rego, COO

Over the past 22 years, Leonard has been instrumental in the business positioning and growth of several high-profile regional and international brands, and has helped strengthen their core selling propositions. His particular strength lies in the identification of promising commercial opportunities, and the development of viable go-to-market strategies. Since 2007, as Founder & CEO of Eleven777, he has played a pivotal role with clients such as Emaar, 3M, Messe Frankfurt, Armani Hotel, Tecnotree Telecoms, Jumeirah Group, Masterkey Real Estate Software and several others. As COO of XTblock, he brings the same thinking to leverage the potential of its revolutionary technologies for massive change across every industry.


Venkata Sanjeevi, CTO – Infra

Venkata Sanjeevi’s CV spans over 20 years in the tech sector, including key roles in management and at senior levels of leadership, for multi-million dollar Enterprise Infrastructure & Operations initiatives. He has repeatedly demonstrated excellence for data centre service providers in a Managed Services and/or Co-location arrangement and ‘Virtual Data Centre over a Public Cloud – AWS’. Notably, he has been instrumental in the development of Complex Information Technology programmes and projects for various business segments, from Aviation and Financial Services to Manufacturing and Trading.


Wayne Dsouza, CBO

Wayne possesses over 23 years of International Operations and Service Delivery experience with an emphasis on client relations and strategic planning . His career record spans the identification of vital business opportunities, while designing and implementing processes to elevate productivity while keeping operational costs to a minimum.

Because XTblock is a high-performance blockchain platform, it has the potential to replace legacy IT systems, and can take blockchain into the mainstream for all industries. But its capabilities also extend to Decentralised Bot and AI computing. Therefore, the industries it can have a transformational impact on include Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, the Government Sector, Energy, Telecoms, Media, Entertainment… the list is virtually endless. 

We’re proud of being incubated by the prestigious Singapore Management University (SMU) Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (IIE)’s incubation programme, B.I.G. – the Business Innovations Generator. Singapore Management University (SMU) is one of Asia’s most prominent universities, and was launched in collaboration with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.   

Our technology company is incorporated in Singapore.

Technical FAQs

Our Multiplied Delegated Proof of Stake (mDPoS) consensus is an enhancement of DPoS, to secure our multi-chain architecture.

The typical block time is 1 second and the typical block size ranges from 100KB to 1MB. Importantly, both can be set according to users’ requirements.

Tokenomics FAQs

XTT is XTblock’s protocol and utility token. It will enable developers and enterprises, as well as end-users, to purchase computing services and use dApp(s) on our high-performance blockchain platform.

Please refer to the Tokenomics document on our Github:

We will announce the XTT listing shortly. For updates, please join our Telegram group via the Telegram icon link at the bottom of the page, and check back for announcements on this website. 

For more information on our Tokenomics, visit