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XTblock is a high-performance blockchain network that can transform every industry, and create a bold new decentralised Bot computing and AI computing economy.

Many scientific revolutions have helped man progress by leaps and bounds: electricity, the Internet, the internal combustion engine, air travel, modern medicine… the list is as endless as it is inspiring. Standing on the shoulders of giants, we have been fortunate enough to build on the foundations of great innovations in computer science. XTblock is one such evolution – a high-performance blockchain network that aims to remove the barriers to blockchain adoption. It is a significant leap forward for blockchain technology, a powerful enabler of Decentralised Bot Computing and Decentralised AI Computing, and quite possibly the next step towards Artificial General Intelligence.

Think about super-intelligent robots and autonomous vehicles. Zero traffic jams. Smarter crypto trading. NFT marketplaces. The Internet of Things (IoT). Cures for deadly diseases. And so much more. Our high-performance, scalable, low latency blockchain can bring us all closer to making these a reality.

And in a way that hasn’t been done before. 

How is XTblock different?

Thanks to a radically different and powerful architecture, XTblock is scalable, super-fast, and built to complete transactions rapidly – and that makes all the difference.* 

At the core of our tech, time-sharding is our uniquely powerful enhancement to blockchain architecture that enables massive scalability, low latency and high transaction speeds. Combined with the technique of time-sharing, it sets the stage for a whole new dimension of blockchain capability.

*Stress test conducted successfully in December 2020. 

Flexible. Affordable. Practical. Simple.

What good is an innovative technology without an innovative business model that can really get it out there? We want to give everyone – from developers to SMEs to large corporations – access to our platform’s capabilities. Think of it as the democratisation of game-changing technology. 

So we decided, why not let users subscribe to the speed they need, just like an ISP does with your internet bandwidth – starting at 5 transactions per second (tps) and scaling up to several thousands or hundreds of thousands of tps? And why not go a step further and allow them to scale their need for speed up or down, with just a few clicks in our Platform Terminal? All in real time, pro-rated, and without needing a system administrator to reconfigure the entire network. Now, that’s different.  

It’s how we’re going to lower the cost of blockchain application development and maintenance, dramatically.

Why our tech matters

XTblock’s core premise is that the same architecture and network infrastructure can be used for

• Decentralised Video Streaming • Decentralised File Storage • Distributed Problem Solving including Distributed Bot Computing and Distributed AI Computing • Edge Computing • Decentralised Blockchain Oracles

…plus Blockchain Applications across several industries, like DeFi, Gaming, and far beyond.

Our Tokenomics