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XTblock Envisions the Use of its Hyper-Capable Network for Transforming Entire Industries

By José Rodríguez

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Since the invention of the wheel, the last few centuries have been particularly productive, scientifically speaking – but none of that can compare to the progress seen over the last few decades. We have advanced medicine to the point where we can heal from many previously debilitating or fatal diseases. We invented the Internet, which has connected mankind and opened up a multitude of new opportunities. We can fly through the air, explore the oceans, criss-cross the globe, launch into space and create lore-rich worlds for the purpose of entertainment alone… and that’s just a minuscule reflection of our human potential.

The further we go, the more complex and interesting our technology gets, but despite all of this, there is still a lot of room for improvement. The creation of a new form of money – cryptocurrency – is proof of this. It is no secret that crypto and its underlying technology, blockchain, can be further enhanced in a broad spectrum of ways, and this is an important part of the remit of the XTblock team, starry-eyed believers and technologists with their feet firmly planted on the ground. They’re challenging the norm and developing new ways to innovate and rework such technology at very fundamental and transformative levels. But their vision and their technological capabilities extend far beyond blockchain – emerging technologies such as decentralized bot computing and AI computing could be harbingers of new progress, and these are all part of their mission and roadmap for the future.

But many claim to be able to change the world, and while XTblock’s achievements so far are impressive, such as the design and development of their high performance network, what remains to be seen is if this vision will really come to pass. One point of reassurance is that XTblock has been incubated by the prestigious Singapore Management University (SMU) Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (IIE)’s incubation programme, B.I.G. – the Business Innovations Generator. SMU is one of Asia’s most prominent universities, launched in collaboration with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Is XTblock’s Network Truly ‘Hyper-capable’?

XTblock has been in the works for a few years, and at the core of its endeavors is a network with massive capabilities and the potential to transform every industry in the world, while simultaneously creating a new decentralized Bot and AI computing economy. One of the project’s key aims is to be the next revolutionary leap for blockchain technology and to remove the barriers to its widespread adoption by addressing the problems of speed, latency and scalability.

As mentioned before, it doesn’t end there. With the creation of all of this, the team believes the world will be several steps closer to Artificial General Intelligence. What makes the tech tick is the network’s unique and powerful architecture, which allows it to be used variably for computation-hungry decentralized AI and bot computing.

Democratizing Access to the Network – Affordably

The technology that qualifies the network as ‘hyper-capable’ is based on XTblock’s unique concept of time-sharding, a powerful network architecture enhancement. This is what allows for high transaction speeds, massive scalability, low latency and other significant benefits. Essentially, by using time-sharding, it can unlock a whole new world of capabilities, and make a multitude of new use cases possible, within blockchain and beyond.

The team wants to democratize access to the tech, which is an integral part of their roadmap. Through a unique subscription model, they intend to let users choose the transaction speed they need and subscribe to it via a convenient Platform Terminal. From 5 TPS (transactions per second) to several thousand TPS, or even several hundreds of thousands of TPS, based on the available network infrastructure, it will have the potential to serve developers as well as enterprises at all levels, from SMEs through to large corporations – affordably. Scaling one’s need for transaction speeds up or down will be a matter of simply using the Platform Terminal interface, and this also does away with the need to reconfigure the entire network.

Availing services on XTblock’s network, once the platform is at the mainnet stage, will be through the company’s utility token. Its ticker at present is XTT-b20, on Binance Smart Chain.

Decentralization is the Name of the Game – Some Compelling Use Cases in the Pipeline

The team’s roadmap is ambitious, not just in terms of the network itself, but also the commercial and scientific use cases that line its path forward. For example, it is currently in advanced stages of developing its decentralized live video streaming technology; they recently tweeted about the successful test of their decentralized live-streaming toolset. The next step will be to deploy the tech onto the XTblock network, the debut of version 1 of this live streaming platform.

Some other milestones in the pipeline that are intended to prove the capabilities of the network are various applications within the realm of decentralized finance [DeFi], decentralized AI, an NFT marketplace, crypto market analysis bots, crypto trading bots and much more.

The Proof of the Pudding…

Present achievements and demonstrations of potential are one thing, but will XTblock be able to deliver their massively transformative use cases? One way to look at it is that the foundation on which they intend to build these, i.e. their hyper-capable network, has already been stress-tested. If development of their ambitious use-cases continues in the manner that the team have outlined, we could have some truly revolutionary technology on our hands – some of which will have been achieved for the first time ever, anywhere in the world.

Will they make history? Let’s wait and see.