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XTblock Removes Blockchain’s Limits and Enables Big Leaps Forward for DeFi and AI

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While decentralized AI development and bot computing are medium- to long-term goals, XTblock has applications that are currently at advanced stages of development.

Blockchain, AI and Bot computing are all major topics within the rarefied realms of deep tech. And soon, they could all have something in common: a network that aims to bring about a stratospheric rise in their individual and collective abilities.

Limitless Scaling Is Not Just Essential – It’s Imperative

Let’s start with blockchain. One of its most pressing problems has always been the lack of scalability. Achieving a high transaction throughput at efficient cost rates has proven to be a steep challenge for a long time, with some of the most prominent projects still battling this dilemma. Even when a project succeeds, as the trend has shown, it hits technical constraints sooner or later. Therefore, finding a limitlessly scaling solution is of utmost importance to take this highly valuable technology into the mainstream. The lack of scaling is a major hurdle to adoption and will hold entire industries and the global economy back – or at least limit the possibility of rapid progress – if left unchecked.

The XTblock team has devised a radically different approach. Not only does its network’s architecture have the ability to scale beyond other blockchains, but it also has no ‘ceiling’. More specifically, this scalability is ’uncapped’, allowing many potential use cases for this technology. Hyper-capability is an unknown frontier in the blockchain world, but one that will prove beneficial across many fields. As if it wasn’t enough to provide a massive boost to blockchain capability, the network will also be able to energize decentralized Bot computing and AI computing – two potential-filled juggernauts of deep-tech.

But how is all of this achieved? Through the use of time-sharding, XTblock’s proprietary and clever enhancement to network architecture, which is also capable of decentralizing artificial intelligence computing. Moreover, its network will be accessible to developers to leverage the network’s huge computational capabilities, creating a more level playing field for all participants. It is a democratized approach to AI development, which is currently only available to large companies with very significant funding and resources.

Another unprecedented benefit of this uncapped scalability is the advent of decentralized and affordable bot computing. XTblock could be at the forefront of this emerging industry by facilitating the creation of what it envisions as a ‘dBot economy’ via its hyper-scalable network. The team recently raised over $600,000 in a matter of days, prior to its Initial DEX Offering (IDO), to continue working on its vision, as it has been for the last four years.

Active XTblock Development and Roadmap

While decentralized AI development and bot computing are medium- to long-term goals, XTblock has applications that are currently at advanced stages of development, and to be completed in Q4 this year, as listed in the project’s roadmap on their website. Imminently, and over the course of the roadmap, the opportunities are limitless, ranging from decentralized live video streaming to DeFi trading bots and scientific showcases such as AI Gomoku. Commercial and scientific use cases will highlight the potential of the network’s capabilities and hyper-scaling, today and in the future. A demo of the live streaming and trading bot – coinciding with XTblock’s testnet – is scheduled to take place in Q4 2021.

XTblock Co-Founder and COO Leonard Rego comments:

 “We’re really not interested in developing applications and use cases that do not have huge positive implications for the specific industries they are designed for, and for the technology landscape at large. And with our Hyper-Capable Network, which is able to supercharge all of this, it would make no sense to limit our ambition. Why aim for the Moon when you can get to Mars? You know, it’s hard to explain in a short conversation all the ways and means by which we will continue to increase the relevance and value of our project – after all, each use case, such as our upcoming decentralized trading bot could make a dent of its own in the DeFi landscape, especially with subsequent iterations and upgrades. We’re just taking the path we charted out, and are enjoying every minute of the ride.”

Fueling the ecosystem is the XTT protocol and utility token. Beyond providing access to XTblock’s services and products, it supports staking, and lets users settle network and storage fees. In a DeFi setting, XTT can be used for lending, staking, farming, swapping, and other features.

According to Wayne Dsouza, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer, “With a deliberate strategy to create such wide-ranging utility for our tokens, which will be required for developers and enterprises to purchase and operate such products and services, we believe that the token utility will continue to increase over time.”

The team is currently hosting an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) to bring the token to the masses, with plans to list on centralised exchanges in the near future. Interestingly, the token sale features a pool-balancing bot, the first to be used in an IDO; it was developed by the XTblock team to stabilize the price for a limited time, by balancing liquidity pools. This is intended to allow early supporters of the project to buy at a fixed rate, before the bot is de-linked.

Putting in-house developed technology to the test with something as significant as an IDO confirms the team’s confidence in their own abilities, and could signal the start of a sea-change in blockchain, AI, DeFi and beyond.